Saturday, January 19, 2013

So, who am I?

This is not only a question for my followers, but for myself as well. The first step in making positive shifts and change is establishing who you are - even the things you really don't want to admit.

The Basics
I am Tesia (tess-e-uh). I am seventeen years old. I am a resident of North Carolina. My genetics include "50%" Lithuanian, Scotts-Irish, and Cherokee.. as well as mental disorders.
I have a great, small circle of friends. I have a loving boyfriend of two years.
I at one point reached 190, got my butt into shape, and am currently 138. I have kicked lots of bad habits
(no more soda, less sweets, little to no fast food) to get there.
I am beginning my last semester of high school and plan to get my bachelors in Nursing, hopefully with a focus in holistic health.

The Positives
I have the knack of writing, the determination of a bull (a perfect Taurus match), and a passion for knowledge.
I love people and humanity. The world can be an evil, destructive place, but it can also be so vivid, beautiful, and kind.
I am very intrigued by religions, faiths, and spirituality. The more I learn about them the more I learn about myself and others. This only augments my love for the world and makes me want to be a better person.
I can make my friends laugh and always keep up a conversation.

The Negatives
I'm very stubborn and lazy. I am determined once I break away from this laziness, which is a challenge in itself.
I have the most difficult time living in the present without worrying about the future or dwelling on the past...
... and because of this, I have difficulty letting things go completely. I'll break all of the "strings" but one, and it takes the force of an army for me to cut that last one and let go of the situation completely.
I'm indecisive. Not the simple, "I can't decide where I want to go eat" kind-of indecisive, but the "what on Earth should I do with my future" kind-of indecisive - the one that will matter in the long run.
I often overindulge.
I'm socially awkward to the point of minor anxiety. This is not constant, and is only on-and-off.
I take things too personal and dwell on it for anywhere from an hour to a day.

Who I Want to Be
A person that most anyone can trust, with their wallet, keys, or life.
A person who does random acts of kindness on a daily basis.
An individual who knows and love their spirituality, is always open minded to learn, and advocates coexistence.
An individual that lives, laughs, and loves in the present moment, and who has let go of past regrets, actions and thoughts.
An individual that is consistently motivational and who motivates others through positive action.

So, who are you? And who do you want to be? How will you get there?

Love, light, and peace,
T. Smith

Where this blog is headed..

My original intentions for this blog are shifting, only slightly. I wanted this to be focused on health, physically and spiritually. It's staying that way, but it now has a little more direction.

I've been inspired lately by youtubers and bloggers TipToeChick and TheSoulfulVegan. TipToeChick (Dee) is a positive and inspiring woman who knows her stuff about herbalism, Wicca, and positive vibes. TheSoulfulVegan (Bethany) also radiates positive energy and shares her knowledge about vegan/vegetarian lifestyles, healthy eating, and overall spirituality. Many of their videos have made me ponder, but I never thought to write these things down in a blog so I can look back. Now I'll be able too!

This blog will also serve as a "Spiritual progress log". I have always been interested in spirituality and faiths, and I finally think I have found the right place to start with my own. 

Thank you to whoever has read this and is interested in seeing future posts from me! If you have a blog, feel free to follow - I'll always follow back!

Love, Light, and Peace,
T. Smith

Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Family History

I'm supposed to be doing my anatomy right now, but HAD to share some information I learned from talking to Mom about some family health history.

My Grandfather (her father) died from a heart attack at age 52. His dad died of a heart attack as well as his brothers (except for one.. he had one but lived). She said he drank a lot and didn't watch what he ate, so that obviously added to the risk. She also said a family doctor had told them it was a condition that ran through the men - a heart attack "gene", I guess? I tried googling it but didn't come up with anything. I'll probably ask my anatomy and health teachers about it.

I also learned that my Grandmother/Nana (Mom's mom) had a stroke (well.. I knew that), but HER mother did as well. They believe Nana's was from a hormone replacement medication she was taking, but was the risk higher because of the family history?

Moments like these make me ecstatic. I am SO glad I lost weight. I probably lowered my risk a ton, as well as lost it all now while I'm younger so it won't be harder later. Maybe these heart issues could point to why my circulation in my fingers and toes are bad? Or why I'm iron deficient?
Either way, I'm a lot healthier now, and I considered myself blessed to be so.

I'm also thankful diabetes and chronic obesity isn't in my family either. Nor major cancers!

This news has certainly given me a skip in my step and motivation to A) continue my health journey, B) up-up-up my cardio workouts, and C) finish this darn anatomy so I can get my research paper done. Blah.

T. Smith

Song of the Day:
Pull Me Back to Earth
Friendly Fires

Thursday, November 29, 2012


I'm finally getting this up & running!

I'm making this primarily for myself (and hopefully others) to show the importance and excitement that comes with getting, being, and staying healthy, from all aspects.

For example: Spiritual health is just if not more important than physical or emotional health. One could argue the others are more important, etc. The goal is to balance them all to a point in which you are at your optimal health - which is my personal goal.

I believe a short background would be appropriate as a beginning post.

I'm 17, 5' 4", 138lbs with an approximate BMI of 23.
I currently have a vegetarian diet for a project, but will continue being an omnivore after this month is over.

Although I have a semi-stressful life currently with my senior year of high school, I consider myself to be well emotionally. If I ever feel overwhelmed I have numerous amazing friends to talk to, as well as a loving boyfriend.

I love researching religions and spirituality. After feeling out-of-place with Christianity, I began to look at the wide variety of religions that the World has to offer, from various sects of Christianity, to Hinduism, to Baha'i (still a favorite), to Pagan faiths. I have currently found myself the most comfortable with Wicca (no particular group, just Solitary and Eclectic) and it's spiritual beliefs. There is so much to it, and I've only skimmed the surface, but I find myself more and more aligned with it.
I have meaning to meditate more, but can't seem to calm my mind enough. Practice makes perfect.. unless practice is nearly impossible.

Those are just the basics, and I expect them to change throughout the course of my life. That's ok. I'd love to find a point of balance between the three so I can have the feeling of being my healthiest.

Thank you for being to read! I'll hopefully be posting daily!

T. Smith